robotcowboy: cabled madness

2/23 Albany NY

picsEDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

We woke up late in the van at the rest stop, about 3pm, and drove to Albany.

The venue, Valentines, had 2 shows booked simultaneously: ours downstairs and a big ska show upstairs. The door guys kept sending people upstairs, including my relatives who came to see me. I had to go and grab them from the crowd before we started playing downstairs.

We played with Beware! The Other Head of Science and Zahnarzt. I was feeling a bit sick and left with my relatives after we played first, but Brandon stuck around. Beware is a power group with drums, synths, and guitars. Zahnarzt rocked it with electro beats, glam, and a ipod backing track. Brandon said they were awesome.

Our sets went well and there were lots of people who were into it. I ended up dancing with a bunch of people. Since there was a show upstairs, we could hear the other band through the ceiling and the sound guy kept turning me down. That was not cool, but I think the show was a success overall.

We sold some cds but the door money deal was kind of shady. There was a $5 cover yet we only mabey 1/6th of what I would estimate as the total amount.

We stayed with my Aunt Pat in Schenectady with food, showers, and real beds!

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