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2/22 Toronto ON

EDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

Before we left Detroit, I went to a clinic and found out I had a sinus infection. I got a prescription and picked up some medication.

Then … navigation error. We had the gps navigator set to AVOID toll roads … which meant it routed us around both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. I didn’t notice this until 3 hours later past Cleveland … when we should have been almost there if we went to Canada via Detroit. I had read the navigators ETA as “7pm” when it actually read “7:00am”. I don’t know why we did not question the route around Lake Erie until it was far too late.

Needless to say we were now hopelessly late. Our arrival time, after allowing toll roads, was now 11:30pm. Brandon called the venue and the guy said it would be alright, shows were late on Friday’s anyway: “whenever you get here will be fine”. We were searched at the Canadian border which added another 20 minutes.

We made it right to the venue, Sneaky Dee’s, at 11:30 and played around midnight. There was a sampling/electronic guy who must have been playing for at least and hour, hour and a half but I don’t remember his name. Our sets went well and a few people there seemed to be into it. However, the guy we called did not tell the door guys were still coming so they assumed the show was off and did not charge any cover .. so we did not make any money. We did not find a place to stay, so we drove back to the US and slept in the van at a NY Thruway service plaza around 4am.

4 Responses to “2/22 Toronto ON”

  1. filip Says:

    he told us you guys didnt show up so i went home. i was there around 10 o clock listened to some aweful dude for half an hour then left. that guy actually played for 2 hours or more.

  2. filip Says:

    but you still rock! 😉

  3. danomatika Says:

    sorry, we messed up 😛

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