robotcowboy: cabled madness

2/19 Ames IA

picsEDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

We got into Ames around 2pm after counting 45 cars in the ditches on I-35 from the Minnesota border to Ames. Karl (ex-7inchwave) and his brother Damek opened their house to us and we had a chance to relax and fix Brandon’s computer before the show. I used the power of Ubuntu GNU/Linux to fix and read his screwed up drive and recover pictures and other data. He then performed a reinstall using the recovery partition on his Thinkpad … no cds needed, go IBM.

Our show we combined with a show at the Ames Progressive, a new community place in campus town, so I picked up my friend Nic, who set up the show for us, to check it out. We grabbed some food at a local Indian restaurant. It was cold, about what I remember from when I lived there, and I was still sick but feeling well enough to play.

We played with Nate Zantow and Joe Terry. Nate Zantow et al did some acoustic frat rock with a spastic bongo player, I wasn’t paying too much attention (talking with old friends), but Brandon wasn’t sure if the bongo guy and the guitar guys were playing the same song. They had one song about the perils of finding a lost disc-golf disc entitled “Where’d My Disc Go?”. Joe Terry, bassist of The Poison Control Center, drove up from Des Moines on a cold snowy night to woo us with his acoustic guitar stylings. We all love Joe, he is awesome.

Our sets went well. We played on a home stereo system, which worked out fine and lent to a more “acoustic” electronic performance. I was sick but played everything well I thought and people were appreciative. Brandon’s set went great and there was some dancing going on. We sold some cds and all the remaining shirts I had made in Davis, CA.

The van almost got towed … in the spot next to where it had gotten towed almost 4 years before when I was in college in Ames. Brandon went outside and caught the tow truck guy lowering his tow gate. Luckily nothing was hooked up to the van but he wouldn’t move the truck, so Brandon had to drive up on a snow mound to back around the tow truck. We did not need to be towed!

It was a good show and we got some donation+cd money. I got to see a host of old friends including Karl, Damek, Nic, Quinn, Laura, Joe, Wally, Sami, etc. We slept at Karlypoos.

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