robotcowboy: cabled madness

2/20 Chicago IL

EDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

We left late … I needed to shave, we needed food, and I stopped in Des Moines to get a replacement jacket for the one I lost in San Francisco. We were supposed to get there around 7pm, but I was more like 8:30.

I’m not sure why we “played” this show. The promoters managed to “work us in” but it was at 8:30 when the show opens at 9pm! This was not apparent to me until after we had played and some friends came .. they missed us since we played before the show even opened. By play I mean, I did not play the robotcowboy stuff, we did the Laromlab music and I danced with the monitor. We did this for a total of 15 minutes and Susie and Laura missed it. Damn.

Oh and we played at a great space, the AV-Aerie (kinda-) with some bands we didn’t really stick around for: Adam Griffith, Bird Names, and These Are Powers. Lots of hipsters around and I wanted food+sleep. (Still sick)

We met up with Pat who had helped us book shows before, including my old band 7inchwave‘s 2 tours. Pizza was eaten at a place called Village Pizza and the guy who works there, known as “Bacci”, was spouting about politics: “I don’t care who wins, Obama or his momma”.

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