robotcowboy: cabled madness

1/24 St. Augustine FL

picsEDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

St. Augustine is America’s oldest city (1565) and, being on the coast, we went to St. Ausutine Beach and got our feet wet in the Atlantic in the dark.

We played a house show at 160 MLK which was quite awesome. PJ Famicom played first, then me, then Laromlab. This was the first time all of my stuff worked including the visual control with the monitor helmet. Laromlab’s set was tight and people were definitely into it … there was lots of spilled beer which I had to clean off of my cables the next day. Also, my glasses were knocked off of their speaker perch and stepped on, grinding the lenses on the wood floor and leaving some annoying hash marks and the gamepad was ripped out of the usb hub, breaking out the little plastic insert on the port.

Brandon went into a dj set after playing the Laromlab material and was warned by one large dancer: “if you don’t play till at least 12, you will lose a testicle”. Needless to say, the set went to 12.

Being a house party, we asked for donations and everyone was generous. Brandon stayed at PJ house, but I wanted to sleep right away, so I slept in the van. Apparently a rooster appeared in the yard of a neighbor of PJ’s and woke everyone early in the morning: “somebody turn that rooster alarm clock off”.

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