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1/23 Gainesville FL

picEDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

The GPS navigator was not able to find any satellites all day, so we had to follow the map the old fashioned way. We arrived at The Sidebar a little before they opened around 7:30pm and set up early. I took the time to fix my monitor helmet and camera. Some emergency surgery and soldering were required, but I now have eyes again. The led mask was fine, I had just forgot to switch on the power the night before.

We played with The Viirus who started up around 10:30pm. His light control box broke down, but his Pro One analog synth and beats were faaaaat. Our sets went well. I ended up pushing some girl who started bouncing on me and Brandon apologized on the pa … later he delivered this memorable quote: “don’t push some girl in a bar full of dudes”. Brandon was really bumping thanks to all the free beer and he djed for 30 mins or so after his set.

The show was promoted well, fliers notices etc, but just not a good turnout on a Wednesday night.

We stayed with Chris from Electronic Sub South who put out the fliers. He let us pick citrus from the trees growing in his yard: tangerines, kumquats, and several others. My dad enjoyed the grapefruit.

You can read reactions from the show on the Electronic Sub South message board.


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  1. Christopher Miller Says:

    Remember how the sound guy just kind of disappeared for the night and never came back? Well, I thought something fishy was going on. Apparently it was his last night working there and he just didn’t give a shit. In fact, he knew something the rest of us did not… less than one month later the venue totally shut down:

    Regardless, you were amazing and I feel honored to have witnessed your performance.

    p.s. Electronic SubSouth did not book this show. But we would definitely love to the next time around!

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