robotcowboy: cabled madness

1/19 Greenville NC

picsEDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

We played at 21 Eleven Beer & Wine which is a liquor store that seems to have a lot of shows. Greenville is a college town for East Carolina University.

We played with Nicky Click, Diesel Shark (a travelling show with 3 MCs: MC Homeless, PT Burnem’, and Paulie Think), and Princess & the Criminals. Somehow, 2 shows were combined and lots of people came out, there was no cover but everyone donated so in the end we left with some good money. Diesel Shark brought the good bump with mad flow and Nicky Click started out the night by bring the dance. Princess & the Criminals, a great punk band, finished out the night with a great set including Tom Petty and the Weeds theme song covers.

On the road to Greenville, we ran into some snow in the Smokies and even into the flat of North Carolina. There was some sort of auto wreck outside of Raleigh and we could see a large amount of trucks and cars backed up and people standing outside of their vehicles. We quickly reversed and took a ramp before getting boxed in. My parent’s Garmin GPS navigator saved us yet again as it gave us a detour route on a road the ran parallel to the highway and we managed to get around the backup without losing much time!

This was a great night, another good show. I built a visual and used while dancing using Laromlab’s set, I controlled it with the gamepad. All in all, things are going ok even with little snafus, we bounce back and keep it rolling.

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