robotcowboy: cabled madness

1/18 Knoxville TN

EDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

Location: The Pilot Light

Ok, so in attempting to fix the broken string on my digitar I ended up breaking a second string … which means I had to reconfigure some songs … oh, why don’t I just leave things alone! Anyway, I fixed the voice volume problem on my communication system, but I forgot to lower the volume of the quindar tones (NASA transmitter syncing tones, you know, the ones on Apollo transmissions). When I press the button to use the microphone, the beeps are waaay to loud. I’ll fix that.

This was a great show. When we showed up, there was nobody there and it seemed like The Pilot Light was going to be a “sad bastard bar”. The local band cancelled on us, so things were looking pretty grim for a while. We got there around 9pm and started playing at 11 when all of a sudden people came around. They removed the $5 cover and we got some homeless people too!

The show rocked, my monitor dancing to Laromlab’s backing tracks were a hit and I ended up dancing with people including said homeless people. We got paid really well for a FREE SHOW and I have to give huge thanks to Jason and his crew at The Pilot Light!

We hooked up with Sarah and partied at Holly’s house, playing NES, banjo, and Iron Maiden records. Sarah was gracious in lending us some floor space to sleep on and 2 nice cats (one is a midget with short legs, seriously).

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