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Consoles Afire 08 Tour

consoles tour flierEDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

The Consoles Afire Spring 08 tour supporting Laromlab.

Jan 17 – Mar 1 2008, 39 shows

A nearly 2 month musical adventure circling the United States! It was the debut of my led mask, live distorted digitar, and a full robotcowboy set using my custom computer music system. I accompanied my friend Laromlab on his cd release tour , who plays ghetto-funk chiptunes ala Atari and GameBoy (… Consoles Afire).

We played all manner of venues: house parties, electro clubs, rock bars, and art galleries.

We electro rock and we electro rolled, bumped and bopped, rang that little bit bell deep inside.

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2 live tour tracks:

You can read my tour blog for more detailed day by day information.


“recharge” installation/peformance, Spring Exhibition 2006

3 hands


I consume energy at my recharge station.

(an homage to Paik’s TV Buddha for today’s cult of technology)

installation/performance, Art and Technology Spring Exhibition 2006




video footage