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Date City Venue Country
08/11/11 robotcowboy in Weimar Schiesshaus DE
7:00pm Schießhaus 1

@ the Pure Data Convention 2011

07/16/11 robotcowboy in New York Three Legged Dog US
2:00pm 80 Greenwich Street

semi-surprise appearance @ the Robot Film Festival in between screenings

02/14/11 robotcowboy in Pittsburgh Garfield Artworks US
8:00pm 4931 Pennsylvania Ave

w/ Toydeath (Aus), Half Nelson, and Bureau of Nonstandards

01/29/11 robotcowboy in Pittsburgh The Brillobox US
10:00pm 4104 Pennsylvania Ave

VIA Presents a new series of A/V Performances, with: Gangwash, Raw Blow, Pure Hype, Matt Wellins, Jerstin Crosby

09/03/10 robotcowboy in Linz Ars Electronica Center AT
11:00pm Ars-Electronica-Strasse 1

A space opera entitled robotcowboy: The Threat from Planet X, played out on the AEC Facade.

06/01/10 robotcowboy in Lulbjana Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture SI
8:00pm Trg Prekomorskih brigad 3

@ the Tactics & Practices Festival

05/12/10 robotcowboy in Geneva Spoutnik / Usine CH
Place des Volontaires 4 1204

@ the Mapping Festival 2010. w/ Pierre Audétat (CH) and Me and Blanche (IT)

04/03/10 robotcowboy in Munich Dachgalerie DE
10:00pm Domagkstrasse 33

@ Prosume Conduce 2010, Building 49, Domagkateliers

rc spring 10
01/22/10 robotcowboy in Brooklyn Goodbye Blue Monday US
1087 Broadway

w/ Zooplankto&Crustaceans-Movie, THE WAYTHINGSGO, and BenjaminBurgess

01/16/10 robotcowboy in Lexington Buster’s US
899 Manchester St

w/ Big Fresh and Matt Duncan

01/15/10 robotcowboy in Huntsville Rita’s Speak Easy US
ars electronica 2009
09/07/09 robotcowboy in Linz Ars Electronica Center AT
Ars-Electronica-Strasse 1

@ the Ars Electronica Festival 2008: “Close Encounters of the Bit Kind” on the Ars Electronica media facade

09/05/09 robotcowboy in Linz Roter Krebs AT
Obere Donaulände 11

@ the Ars Electronica Festival 2008

09/04/09 robotcowboy in Linz Brucknerhaus AT
Untere Donaulände 7

@ the Ars Electronica Festival 2008 representing the Ars Electronica Futurelab during the v2: test_lab presentation

suboptimal summer 09
07/04/09 robotcowboy in Gothenburg House of Win-Win SE
Tredje Långgatan 13b

@ the Koloni San Fran dress rehearsal w/ MAG, The Toilet, and Nim

06/27/09 robotcowboy in Amsterdam under the bridge squat NL

@ the squat under the bridge east of Centraalstation

06/26/09 robotcowboy in Rotterdam Attent NL

@ the Attent underground art bar

06/21/09 robotcowboy in Paris street at Chez Georges FR
11 Rue des Canettes

Performing during the Fete del la Musique street festival. Thanks to Sofy and her relatives.

05/28/09 robotcowboy in Norrköping New Media Meeting SE

@ the New Media Meeting 2009

05/16/09 robotcowboy in Venice AltaVoz IT

@ the AltaVoz Electronic Music Festival 2009

04/04/09 robotcowboy in Eindhoven STRP NL
Klokgebouw 50

@ the STRP Festival

12/11/08 robotcowboy in Amsterdam Smart Project Space NL
Arie Biemondstraat 105-113

@ the STEIM Micromusic Jamboree 2

08/16/08 robotcowboy in Huntsville Rita’s Speak Easy US

Boogle House Show, Bring your Boogle: (after THE SCHOLNG GONG SHOW! @ The Flying Monkey), w/ the cast-outs (hsv-delta,al) and the devil’s hollow band (kentucky)

04/19/08 robotcowboy in Vancouver VIVO Media Arts Center CA
10:30am 1965 Main St

@ the Signal + Noise Festival

consoles afire 08 tour
02/28/08 robotcowboy in Baltimore Metro Gallery US
1700 N Charles St

w/ Laromlab, notendo, and Mark Brown

02/27/08 robotcowboy in Philadelphia The Fire US
412 W. Girard Ave

w/ Laromlab, Cheap Dinosaurs, Animal Style, Vytear, and Seanicus

02/25/08 robotcowboy in New York The Cakeshop US
152 Ludlow Street

w/ Laromlab and Neon Coyote

02/24/08 robotcowboy in New York Solas US
232 E 9th St

w/ Laromlab, Blipvert, and Vusac

02/23/08 robotcowboy in Albany Valentines US
17 New Sctoland Ave

w/ Laromlab, Zahnarzt, and BEWARE! The Other Head of Science

02/22/08 robotcowboy in Toronto Sneaky Dees CA
431 College St

w/ Laromlab

02/21/08 robotcowboy in Southfield PORPHYRIA US
2700 Pebblestone St

w/ Laromlab and Apes

02/20/08 robotcowboy in Chicago AV-Aerie US
2000 W Fulton St

w/ Dancing for Laromlab with These Are Powers, Bird Names, and Adam Griffith

02/19/08 robotcowboy in Ames The Practice Space US
219 Main St.

w/ Laromlab, Joe Terry, and Nate Zantow

02/18/08 robotcowboy in Minneapolis 400 Bar US
400 Cedar Avenue S

w/ Laromlab and K-VILLE

02/17/08 robotcowboy in Bismark Youthworks US
217 W Rosser Ave

w/ Laromlab

02/16/08 robotcowboy in Missoula The Badlander US
147 W Broadway

w/ Laromlab, Claude Balzak, Steve-O, and Naj

02/15/08 robotcowboy in Seattle DogPark (house show) US
Alley, 2nd and Bell

w/ Laromlab, Square Wail, and Orcateers

02/14/08 robotcowboy in Olympia Le Voyeur US
404 4th Ave E

w/ Laromlab and MC Firedrill

02/13/08 robotcowboy in Portland Holocene US
1001 SE Morrison St

w/ Laromlab, E*Rock, and B*Retta

02/10/08 robotcowboy in Davis some place at 12am! US
702 Anderson Rd

Robo-themed release afterparty for Laromlab with djs, etc

02/09/08 robotcowboy in Davis Delta of Venus US
122 B St

w/ Laromlab, Chief Briggum, and Please Quiet Ourselves

02/08/08 robotcowboy in San Francisco House of Shields US
39 New Montgomery

w/ Laromlab and Buildings Breeding

02/06/08 robotcowboy in Isla Vista Biko Garage Co-op US
6612 Sueno

w/ Laromlab, Wildman Steve, Mc Phatskillz, SXEZSKOZ, and Teddy

02/05/08 robotcowboy in Los Angeles The Motion Lounge US
129 East 3rd St

w/ Laromlab and SXEZSKOZ

02/04/08 robotcowboy in Phoenix Trunk Space US
1506 NW Grand Ave

w/ Laromlab, The Coitus, WidgetPhreak

02/03/08 robotcowboy in El Paso Zeppelins Underground US

w/ Laromlab

02/02/08 robotcowboy in Lubbock Jake’s Back Room US
5025 50th, Suite A

w/ Laromlab, Panda Can Party!, and Right on Red

01/31/08 robotcowboy in Ft. Worth 1919 Hemphill US
1919 Hemphill

w/ Laromlab, Boogdish, Alex Atchley, and The Scurvies

01/30/08 robotcowboy in Austin The Mohawk US
912 Red River St

w/ Laromlab and The Calm Blue Sea

01/29/08 robotcowboy in Houston Super Happy Fun Land US
3801 Polk

w/ Laromlab, PLID, and Pavmire

01/28/08 robotcowboy in New Orleans Dragon’s Den US
435 Esplanade

w/ Laromlab, DJ Proppa Bear and Blood Red Squid

01/26/08 robotcowboy in Atlanta The Eyedrum US
290 MLK Jr. Drive SE

w/ Laromlab, Ship at Seas, 8 Bit Wonder

01/25/08 robotcowboy in Jacksonville Club TSI US
333 E. Bay Street

w/ Laromlab

01/24/08 robotcowboy in St. Augustine PJ Famicom’s House US

w/ Laromlab and PJ Famicom

01/23/08 robotcowboy in Gainesville Sidebar US
15 SW 2nd St

w/ Laromlab and The Viirus

01/22/08 robotcowboy in Orlando The Backbooth US
37 W Pine St

w/ Laromlab, Flashlight Party, and Algarhythm

01/21/08 robotcowboy in Athens GO BAR US
195 Prince Ave.

w/ Laromlab

01/20/08 robotcowboy in Wilmington The Juggling Gypsy US
1612 Castle St

w/ Laromlab and Somnaphon

01/19/08 robotcowboy in Greenville 21 Eleven Beer & Wine US
1011-B Charles Blvd

w/ Laromlab, Nicky Click, Diesel Shark (MC Homeless, PT Burnem, Paulie Think), and Princess & the Criminals

01/18/08 robotcowboy in Knoxville The Pilot Light US
106 W Jackson Ave

w/ Laromlab

01/17/08 robotcowboy in Nashville Springwater US
115 27th Ave N

w/ Laromlab, Ocelots

08/24/07 robotcowboy in Montreal Marc’s Studio CA

@ the Pure Data Convention 2007 closing party

08/21/07 robotcowboy in Montreal Society for Arts and Technology CA
1195 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

@ the Pure Data Convention 2007

07/29/07 robotcowboy in Norberg Camp 303 stage SE

@ Norberg Festival 2007

07/11/07 robotcowboy in Zurich Cabaret Voltaire CH
Speigelgasse 1

@ Digital Arts Week 2007

04/14/07 robotcowboy in Gothenburg Berg 211 SE

@ the Koloni Duo Fest w/ GI Joe, Jooklo Duo, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Pacific!, Sönderbyggd, X Partners, Pistol Disco, Isak Eldh & Kennet Klemets, Spit Spat Black Cat, Nordlund – de Heney, and TheGothenburgCombo

11/24/06 robotcowboy in Gothenburg Hyml SE

the midi_karaoke experiment @ koloni club w/ Mud Boy and others

10/28/06 robotcowboy in Nashville Michael’s House US
1814 Russel

a collaboration w/ Laromlab called robot_karaoke @ Halloween dance show at Michael’s “Lawn of the Dead” house party

october 2006 tour
10/18/06 robotcowboy in Brooklyn Goodbye Blue Monday US
1087 Broadway

w/ Meth and Goats! And I Hear An Army

10/14/06 robotcowboy in Pittsburgh The Quiet Storm US
5430 Penn Avenue

w/ Lohio and Royal Army

10/13/06 robotcowboy in Bowling Green Capitol Arts Theater US
416 E. Main St

w/ Paris Airshow Disaster and Laromlab

09/29/06 robotcowboy in Gothenburg Henriksberg SE
Stigbergsliden 7

@ Join Our Club! w/ Tillmanns

08/26/06 robotcowboy in Gothenburg Kulturhuset Underjorden SE
Brahegatan 2

w/ 10 other bands

05/15/06 robotcowboy in Gothenburg Pustervik SE
Järntorgsgatan 12

@ koloni club w/ Robotnicka, Compute, Lava, & DJ Eargoggle

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