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robotcowboy is an inspiration

robotcowboy was Create Digital Motion’s weekly inspiration on Jan 23 2008.

tour_spring08 and updates!

Hey all,

I have been really busy preparing for the Spring tour with Laromlab:

  • Building new robotcowboy hardware … (+ augmented trumpet :D)
  • Redesigning software system on unit, my wearable computer
  • Building a sprite-based visual system for use with Laromlab‘s live set
  • Getting the rc-van all fixed up so it will have the power of a car shot from guns
  • … the list continues

I will have a tour blog as well!

I have also update the website and moved all portfolio information to its own site: I have added links to my class page and software repository.

robotcowboy at STEIM

STEIMrobotcowboy was invited for a two week artistic residency at STEIM in Amsterdam. osc^~ and I arrived on Oct 1st and began work creating new things. We returned to Gothenburg on the 15th.

I experimented with different uses of the Nintendo Wiimote with my guitar, developed new Pure Data abstractions for creating song structures, and tried some music textures which can be heard at

The resulting Pure Data abstractions: rc-patches can be downloaded at

Oscar built some custom printed circuit boards for use with a STEIM cracklebox and worms which “play” on its surface. He also constructed a “holy feedback” circuit where two images, one of Jesus and the other of the Devil, which amplify each other to the point of sonorous noise.

My resulting project report can be found here: STEIM Project Blog.

tues, 8/21/07 pd con 07, montreal, ca

badges!robotcowboy at the pure data convention 07. The audio crunching in the robotcowboy unit is pure data and, as such, the project was part of the convention of the developers and users of this software. I played at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] on Aug 21st and had an encore performance at the closing party on the 26th. As one can see in the video, power to the visual system was interrupted, yet bit banging continued unabated!

Thanks to Marc, Darsha, Martin, Kyd, Andrew, Didier, David and all who bumped the good bump.


audio in the robotcowboy database

pd07 pics


sat, 7/29/07 norberg 07, sweden

norbergrobotcowboy and osc hit the Danish electronic music festival in Sweden: Norberg Festival 07. Thanks to Mattias and Daniel for letting us play at their Camp 303 (un)offical stage and for lots and lots of fog machine. There were some initial problems with a dead battery and audio connections, but everything ended up working in the end! ArpeggiateNow made its first appearance and rocked the bumpitybump!

Check out this Norberg 07 forum for some reviews of our Moose Mine action. (in Swedish) Thanks to all who enjoyed and put out the e-love.


audio in the robotcowboy database

norberg pics pics




wed, 7/11/07 digital art weeks 07, zurich

robotcowboy was a guest performer at the Digital Art Weeks 07 in Zurich, Switzerland. I got to play at the Cabaret Voltaire as part of the “Cabled Madness” performance series and do do the dada. The robotcowboy helmet is back from the grave and better then ever now. Although osc couldnt make it as planned, he appeared in spirit as a spirit (urban).

Want to drink a robotcowboy? how bout an “urban” or a “rural”? Well, every performance was turned into a mixed drink available at the bar by the Basel Cargobar! Here is the mixing guide. (in German)

robotcowboy urban rc urban robotcowboy rural rc rural

Thanks to Art for getting me in and Sam, Lorenz, and Dule for the couchsurfing!


audio in the robotcowboy database

daw07 pics



sat, 4/14/07 duo festival, gbg

duo fest

This was the first use of unit, the wearable performance system and osc~^’s praya dubia suit.

koloni :

DUOFESTIVAL del 2 @ Berg 211
Jooklo Duo (It)
Robot Cowboy (US)
Wildbirds & Peacedrums
X Partners
Pistol Disco
Isak Eldh & Kennet Klemets
Spit Spat Black Cat
Nordlund- de Heney
Film: Paper Rad: Trash Talking (se trailern)
Installation av: Sininim



fri, 11/24/06 hyml, gbg midi_karaoke

robotcowboy and midi_ramos bring you the midi karaoke experiment.

November 24, 2006


sat, 8/28/06, nashville

robot_karaoke is a collaboration between robotcowboy and laromlab

Halloween dance show at Michael’s “Lawn of the Dead” house party in Nashville, TN 2006

1814 russel – Nashville,TN
10pm and $5 for alcohol

dave cloud, laromlab/robot cowboy split set


Some pics.

A clip vid of the show:



oct 06 – shows in the states

I headed to the states for a few weeks to visit some prospective grad schools. robotcowboy is coming along to perform.

13 Oct – Bowling Green, KY at the Capitol Arts Theater

Friday the 13th ooooooooohhhhh 7:30pm bring $5

a guest appearance in the states (thanks brandon)

paris airshow disaster, laromlab, robotcowboy

14 Oct – Pittsburgh, PA at The Quiet Storm

Sat 9pm

Lohio , Royal Army, and robotcowboy

18 Oct – Brooklyn, NY at Goodbye Blue Monday

Wed 9pm

Meth and Goats!, I Hear An Army, and robotcowboy