robotcowboy: cabled madness

wed, 7/11/07 digital art weeks 07, zurich

robotcowboy was a guest performer at the Digital Art Weeks 07 in Zurich, Switzerland. I got to play at the Cabaret Voltaire as part of the “Cabled Madness” performance series and do do the dada. The robotcowboy helmet is back from the grave and better then ever now. Although osc couldnt make it as planned, he appeared in spirit as a spirit (urban).

Want to drink a robotcowboy? how bout an “urban” or a “rural”? Well, every performance was turned into a mixed drink available at the bar by the Basel Cargobar! Here is the mixing guide. (in German)

robotcowboy urban rc urban robotcowboy rural rc rural

Thanks to Art for getting me in and Sam, Lorenz, and Dule for the couchsurfing!


audio in the robotcowboy database

daw07 pics



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  1. art clay Says:

    thanks dan… you made history with eDada

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