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robotcowboy videos

Here are a few robotcowboy videos around the web. Some official and others via third parties.

videos on youtube

videos on vimeo

Ars Electronica Festival 2009

This is a post 2 months overdue …

robotcowboy performed 3 times during the Ars Electronica Festival 2009:

Fri, Sep 4th: at the Brucknerhaus representing the Ars Futurelab during the v2: test_lab presentation

Sat, Sep 5th: at Roter Krebs

Mon, Sep 7th: Close Encounters of the Bit Kind on the Ars Electronica facade

I will clean this up and add details soon … a website redesign is needed anyway.

suboptimal live 09 cd

12 tracks fresh off the cpu during the SubOptimal Summer 09 tour.

Jun 21 – Jul 4, Paris – Rotterdam – Amsterdam – Gothenburg

These are the best live recordings of each song, a snapshot of the robotcowboy set at that time.

Download suboptimal live 09 (.zip)


front cover back cover



08/29/08 Ars FL Party

I just started my new job at the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Linz, Austria and we already had a big party! Pierre and I played some music.

Here’s some live recordings from the party:

This new cast-outs derived set is called “robotcowboy: simpleScience”.

–> Download an mp3 zip of the show <–

skylink party pic

consoles afire tour cds

Howdy! These are 2 albums of live recordings from the Consoles Afire 08 tour.

Both are a full set of the best live recordings of each song. tour cd 1 is from the first half of the tour and tour cd 2 the second.

I made and sold about 30 copies of cd 1 during the second half of the tour. Physical versions of either are a limited run and $5 each. Email me.

Jan 17 – Feb 13, Nashville – Davis
tour cd 1 cover
Feb 14 – Feb 28, Olympia – Baltimore
tour cd 2 cover


*hint: I think tour cd 2 is better …

robotcowboy database

This is the beginning of the robotcowboy database. Since my music system is all digital, I can easily record gigs in realtime. Every show will be uploaded here, so if you saw robotcowboy live you can relive your personal experience!

The filename format is: “m-d-y_h_m_s_songname.mp3”

UPDATE Apr 08: Well, after the tour I have tons of recordings. It’s too much really, there has to be a filtering process. I have decided not to make a public, comprehensive database. You guys get the good stuff only.


new music

Ok, all previous robotcowboy music is just that : previous. It was built in Windows using pirated software and the new music is being created in Linux using free software and custom programs.

Here is a roughrough demo, but it can give you a general idea as to what the new music will be :

velocipede_demo (hint: good speakers = bass)

All new robotcowboy sonifications are recorded live as they are generated. They will be offered, at a small sum, for purchase directly after the performance. A database of previous performances will be built and multiple versions of each song will exist so that, when a conventional “release” is planned, a representative of each song will be picked through an online poll. All performance music will be available for free and the “release” version will be specially mixed and mastered.

sat, 8/28/06, nashville

robot_karaoke is a collaboration between robotcowboy and laromlab

Halloween dance show at Michael’s “Lawn of the Dead” house party in Nashville, TN 2006

1814 russel – Nashville,TN
10pm and $5 for alcohol

dave cloud, laromlab/robot cowboy split set


Some pics.

A clip vid of the show:



robotcowboy audio v0.2

I have decided to hold off on releasing a full album. More time needs to be spent on producing a well-crafted release and such time is hard to come by for robotcowboy.

For now, I present some demos / sketches:

the cast-outs

andrews toesfirst take frenzy

this album is an exercise in spontaneity. what can we do with 1 microphone, 2 days, and no experience playing together? the title is correct as 80% of the tracks are first takes, the rest being 2nds.


download the album here.