robotcowboy: cabled madness

2/5 Los Angeles CA

picsEDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

After sleeping in the van in an Arizona rest stop, we were able to make it into LA around 1pm and avoid any rush hour traffic. We spent the afternoon at my brother’s house, relaxed, ate, and showered. Later on, we went to the Motion Lounge in downtown Los Angeles.

The venue, Motion Lounge, is basically a tall, long concrete room right in the middle of downtown and, in this case, was rented out for a private party by Alfredo and friends. There was a projector and large screen behind the stage, so I set up my laptop to run the visuals simultaneously with the wearable, as in Jacksonville. Alfredo played last as SXEZSKOZ and brought the bump to custom animations by .

Both of our sets went quite well … flawlessly I think. All of my gear and songs worked and I was able to use the visuals for my older songs (when I’m not dancing with the monitor): RunningMan, Velocipede, and ArpeggiateNow. The crowd was into it, even though they stayed back from me … I guess they weren’t sure what was going on. Brother, his wife, and friends came out to witness our performance and I think they made favorable reports to ma and pa. There was some dancing during Laromlab and also Brandon’s dj set.

Evene though everyone had a good time, the party broke even so no gas money this time. 😛

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