robotcowboy: cabled madness

2/3 El Paso TX

EDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

We didn’t know we had this show booked until Brandon randomly found it on Friday the 1st. He called the guy who wasn’t sure if it would be worth it on Superbowl Sunday, but he never said no so we decided to give it a try. A local act was found and some myspace bulletins were sent out.

After driving on small highways for 6 hours, we made it to El Paso early and grabbed some wifi from a closed Quiznos. When our batteries died, we found a small cafe but their wireless router was down. Instead we watched the end of the superbowl and ordered a pizza, which took about an hour to make … we later received 2 pizzas for free, so free food.

The venue, Zeppelins Underground, is a decent enough place which seems to have live shows fairly often. The owner, his girl friend, and a friend were there so we set up our gear and waited. The friend played his unique renditions of Elton John, etc on piano. About this time is when we found out the venue does not usually have Sunday shows … ok, strike one. Then we found out the opening band/djs had bailed on use … strike two.

The owner gave us until 10:15, if no one comes, then the show is cancelled. It was about 10:05 when a group of people came, but were turned back … strike three. The show was now cancelled, although I’m not sure why when there was a group of people. I guess they did not want to make any money that night. There was some talk of having us play at some other place or house, but there were no PAs around and by then we just didn’t feel like it.

I think it would have worked out, but with more time. If we had known they don;t do Sun shows regularly, then we would not have done the show. Oh well, we tried against the super bowl.

We jumped back in the van and drove through New Mexico to the Arizona border and slept in the van.

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