robotcowboy: cabled madness

2/28 Baltimore MD

EDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

We grabbed some bagels on the way out of Philly and arrived in Baltimore around 3pm. I found a coffee shop with wifi and updated the blog.

Around 7:30, we went to The Metro Gallery and setup our gear. They had a projector so I hooked up the laptop as well for visuals during both our sets. There weren’t going to be many people since the headlining act, notendo, had to cancel due to an equipment failure (he lost his gameboy songs somehow) and there was another, bigger show in town.

We played with local visual artist, Mark Brown, who played a live set with really awesome frame-screwed visuals. Something around grabbing specific motion in a group of movie frames and playing say, 20 frames at once so the motion kind of builds on top of itself. It looked almost like cell shaded animation all animated at once with in a buffer.

A group of people came a bit later on and we had a good set for them. We were told, in reference to Brandon’s Daft Punk cover and my dancing, that the only thing Daft Punk had on us was a 1000+ people show. I sold out all my cd’s and we got paid pretty well despite the lack of people.

Since we did not end up meeting anyone to stay with, we were looking at a night in the van. The next day was an off day and the Fredericksburg show seemed iffy. The show promoters did not seem to care too much (bad sign). We did not really want to pay for a day or two of hotel rooms just to play one more show that did not seem like it would be too good. In the end, we decided to cancel the Fredricksburg show and drive home right away.

We drove most of the night on through West Virginia, ate at a Waffle House, and slept in the van around 4am at a snowy mountain pass.

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