robotcowboy: cabled madness

2/16 Missoula MT

picsEDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

Ok, so everyone we talked to warned us about the mountain passes being block by snow etc, etc. I bought tire chains on the way up the mountains out of Seattle but it ended up being perfecly clear and above zero … about 33 F at the coldest, so there wasn’t even any ice. We were lucky with good weather because the snow was 10+ feet high on the side of the road.

The venue, The Badlander, has a large bar with tv’s and a good sound system. There is even a casino in another room. Missoula is a college town and The Badlander is on a downtown strip featuring a number of bars and hangouts. We met up with my brother Greg and his wife Paula who came from Washington, north of Spokane.

We played with some djs, Claude Balzak and Steve-O, and a vj, Naj. I was having some weird issues with the usb connection before the show … I think the plug is going bad again. My set went fine on the whole, althouhg MartiaPlain had feedback issues so I skipped it. The place filled up, so by the time I started playing there were a ton of people and they were all into it. Brandon’s set had everyone dancing and some girls were grabbing me. One kissed us both after the set, but she ran away before either of us could talk to her.

We sold some cd’s and negotiated to get a % of the bar, which got us some gas money. One dude wanted a cd from Brandon but said “I’m a more physical person, I don’t make it a habit to buy cds” .. so he wanted one for free, which he did not get.

We stayed with the promoter and co-owner of The Badlander, Chris, at his house next to Jumbo Mountain.

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