robotcowboy: cabled madness

2/14 Olympia WA


EDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

I ate a bunch of bagels, like 3 or 4, in Portland. We drove to Olympia early and got there around 7, hung out in the car and I caught up on some notes.

The venue, Le Voyeur, is one of those hip dirty cafe/diners that has a large beer list, lots of show fliers posted, and graffiti on the walls. It also has a self-described “unique idea” where the bands “handle everything”, which for us meant a cold, dim back room and a PA we had to wrangle with since only one speaker was working and the mixing board looked as though it had been smashed with a cinder block (seriously). Since we “handle everything” no one takes any door money and, since we both perform at the same time, we can’t really do it the whole time … so no money for us. Also included is the fact that they didn’t bother to turn down or off the cd playing in the front room while we were playing which just gos to show that Le Voyeur is another one of those places that has shows, but dosen’t care who plays or what happens. For shame.

An a good note, we played with MC Firedrill, whose music I had acquired from his SuperButton label website about 6 months ago. He brought some peeps and we had a good time in the back room despite the annoying bantering from the front. Brandon played some of his old Commodore-based music for a bit while I setup and I jammed on my guitar for a few mins before my regular set. The Laromlab set was rocking and people were dancing with me. Strangely, the camera in the helmet worked perfectly the entire show and I could see a bit … enough to grab Firedrill’s hat off of his head in mid dance. MC Firedrill finished out the night with his boombastic gameboy madness .. check out his stuff it’s great.

We had fun, but no money. I sat down and made some cd’s consisting live recordings from the tour of my set. Some girl wanted one, but she didn’t come back from the ATM. Damn. We stayed at Firedrill’s house and missed out on the Olympia hip-hop riot.

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