robotcowboy: cabled madness

1/31 Ft Worth TX

EDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

1919 Hemphill, the venue, is a great community center with a library, regular shows, art activities, indoor graffiti, couches, and wifi that does not really work. It’s funded through donations and happenings. Too bad there weren’t so many people out on this Thursday night.

I was able to sit down before the show and hammer out some software work on expanding the visuals.

We played with Alex Atchley, The Scurvies, and Boogdish. The Scurvies, an Alaskan punk band on the road, added at the last minute. Alex Atchley had the beats and tones movingand Boogdish was just plain awesome. Brandon said that wasn’t the best he’s seen Boogdish, but if that is the case then he can only be better.

The PA was a little weird or something, I couldn’t get my microphone to turn off and had some resulting feedback issues. Overall I thought my set went quite well and people were into it. Laromlab’s set went well and I danced the good dance with the visuals until the power cord on my wearable was unplugged … it didn’t have much battery power so the machine froze.

Good show, some money, but not as many people as we hoped. We stayed with the promoter, Rick, at his warm house full of all the movies you need ever watch (Death Race 2000, MST3k, etc).

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