robotcowboy: cabled madness

Radio Interview in Geneva

I was interviewed by the Geneva radio station Frequency Bananae during the Mapping Festival in May:

Mapping Festival Interview, May 12 2010

Translation from the original page (from French):

For this, a remedy: Dan Wilcox and his project “Robot Cowboy” ( that frequency Banana also met earlier in the evening. A project where the computer totally insane, the focus of electronic music, is diverted from its original use. How could you not have thought rained earlier? Strum on the keyboard does not seem enough, just put a color monitor on his head and go crazy for one hour in the cinema of Sputnik. Guitar, joystick, and even futuristic part of the well. To see and hear absolutely. The concept is non-standard.

And my favorite translated quote:

The night will prove so eventful, totally separate aspects. Met nice people and good-natured mood. Not be remembered perhaps not on the side clubbing dances but the performance made up for it and what size Teletubbie Dan Wilcox dazzle.

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