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Laromlab’s music is stolen

It has come to light in past few days that the electronic music released by Brandon Harrod under the name Laromlab was in fact stolen from chiptune musicians in Europe, namely members of the YM Rockerz. He has been dropped from Mushpot Records and all copies of the album have been taken offline. His apology. Mushpot Apology.

One of the affected artists, Crazy-Q, has compiled a complete list of plagiarized songs.

I do not condone such flagrant plagiarism and I did not knowingly support his acts throughout my association with him and while on the Consoles Afire tour (ironic name now).

This is my official statement regarding the matter:

My name is Dan Wilcox and I accompanied Brandon Harrod, known as Laromlab, on the Consoles Afire Tour from Jan – Mar 08. This news is shocking to me. I had no idea Brandon’s latest self-titled album was stolen from the chiptunes and demo scene in Europe. They have graciously shared their music and software and he decided to pass it off as his own. I will never condone such flagrant plagiarism. I call for him to make a public apology so as not to taint the reputations of his label and associated musicians such as myself and to acknowledge the work of the original artists. Laromlab

As I distance my reputation from Brandon, I would also like state that I do not distance my friendship. He has made a very bad decision and he will deal with its just consequences. I feel no anger, only disappointment in my friend. He is a good human being with a kind heart and he is better then this. I hope that Brandon will do the right thing and come to terms with whatever demons drove him to plagiarize the works of others. I also hope that all parties involved would seek a peaceful resolution to this matter.

Thank You,
Dan Wilcox


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