robotcowboy: cabled madness

2/25 New York NY

EDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

We did nothing all day … watched some Japanese samurai flicks on the Kung Fu HD channel. I caught up on some notes.

We hit the venue, The Cakeshop, around 6pm on Manhattan’s Lower East Side and grabbed some pizza (big spinach + feta slices). I also met up with a former classmate, Peter, who now works at the UN. The Cakeshop is good venue with a coffee shop upstairs and a bar+stage in the basement. Brandon soon discovered they had Black and Tans that consisted of Guiness and cider.

We played with a dj group called Neon Coyote who does great rereremixes. Out sets went well and we rocked out those present. There was a little confusion over what a “direct box” is, but we straightened that out with Brandon’s mixer. There was dancing when Neon Coyote hit it.

The door guy came down during Neon Coyote’s set to say that we did not make more then the bar’s target door sales, so we would not get any money. I know we were close and, after his announcement, about 10 more people came in which would probably have sent us over. Naturally, we got no money. I still have yet to make any money in New York city whereas we do great at house shows in the middle of no where. I guess it’s because house shows are glad to have us and New York venues think we should be grateful they have us. That’s how it goes.

Blahblah, it was still a good experience and I think we sold a cd or 2.

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