robotcowboy: cabled madness

1/26 Atlanta GA

picsEDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

The Eyedrum is an awesome gallery space in an old industrial mattress factory right across from the heart of down town Atlanta. It has a great sound system and acoustic space/stage. Also, we found a local pizza place the served a delicious veggie pie.

We played with Ships at Sea and Allison Rentz’s performance “Asstow”. Ships at Sea was an electro acoustic duo who utilized a guitar, tape loop, chimes, and vibrator among other devices. “Asstow” is described as a performance using found noise making objects from the internet. At the time, both Brandon and I were in tired, bad moods and I didn’t give this one a chance … I feel kind of bad for not sticking around and being objective.

After such a resounding success in Jacksonville, my system just didn’t want to work. The busted usb hub turned into a busted usb port on the computer which kept turning the hub on and off which means the control and sound was unreliable. I had to struggle through the first song (ArpeggiateNow) then reboot the machine and tape the plug into the port at an angle that kept the contact working. After limping through my set, the visuals froze before I could use them so neither my monitor or the projector were working. I danced in the dark with a dark face …

We were supposed to play with a chip tunes guy called 8 Bit Wonder, but he didn’t show up for some reason. There were some kids who came out for Brandon and they did some dancing to Laromlab. The promoter wished he had billed the show as a dance show instead of a more experimental art show. Well, it worked out better that it was experimental since all of my gear did not work …

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