robotcowboy: cabled madness

1/21 Athens GA

EDIT: Disclaimer, Laromlab’s music is all stolen. Read here.

I had high hopes for Athens … The B-52’s came from this town.

We arrived early at around 5:30pm and the venue (The GO Bar) was not open yet. It was cold, in the 30’s. I looked through the local event paper and our who was not listed … not a good sign. Brandon had called a week before to confirm the booking and could only get a rude “if you booked it, its booked” response from the bartender on the phone. The owner came at 6:30 to open up the place. He had forgotten about the show until earlier that day and put it on myspace in the afternoon … hurray. With no promotion, we did not expect too much on a cold Monday night.

So we set up our stuff and waited, if no one came by 10 – 11pm, then we would leave. The Democratic Presidential debate was on so we watched the beginning of that, the part where Hillary and Obama ripped on each other’s records, not the issues.

In the end only about 4 people showed up, none for the show. One guy even fell asleep slumped forward on the bar while the debate was going. The same Joy Division record was on endless loop all night, which would make anyone commit suicide after a long enough time. Brandon was sure the bartender was the same rude guy on the phone, so we ignored him. There was one guy who was interested, but he came as we were almost done packing our stuff up. Needless to say, we hit the road after a quick meal and slept in the van on the way to Florida.

I’m not saying The GO Bar is a bad place, it just wasn’t our night. It’s a great venue, looks like it has lots of good shows booked, and the owner is a great guy. If the circumstances were better it probably would have been a good show.

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