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academic progress log

January – March 2008 Consoles Afire Tour

A 2 month tour of the United States and a practical stress test for the system.

Consoles Afire Tour 08


October 2007 STEIM Residency

My proposal for a 2 week artistic residency was accepted at STEIM, the Studio for Electro Instrumental Music in Amsterdam, NL. I developed mode advanced Pure Data patches and experimented with integrating my digital guitar and live audio generation.

STEIM Residency Report

My STEIM Project Blog post


July 2007 Digital Art Weeks

I was accepted to perform at the Digital Art Weeks 2007 festival in Zurich and published a poster on the performance. However, I was not able to present the particular performance outlined in said poster as my partner, Oscar, was having trouble with his Swedish VISA.

Experiments in Energy: 3 Technological Ritual Acts , performance poster (pdf)


June 2007 Finished Thesis

robotcowboy thesis 2007


May 2007 Mobile Music Workshop

I was accepted to present my project through both a demo and a paper at the 4th international Mobile Music Workshop in Amsterdam.

robotcowboy MMW paper (pdf)

As part of the aftermath from the MMW in Amsterdam, there is a blurb about the robotcowboy unit on we-make-money-not-art and I have some pics.


March 2007 Progress Report

I have a new video outlining the current progress of my thesis project: the robotcowboy unit. unit is a mobile performance system based around a wearable computer which allows me to perform computer-based music without being tied down by the computer on stage. I can play inside, outside, here, there, and everywhere.

Coming from an active rock and roll background, this is my response to the laptop performance aesthetic.

robot : synthetic tones | cowboy : wander the digirange

Thesis Project Progress Overview (pdf)


January 2007 Project Proposal

Thesis Proposal (pdf)

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